Online casino loyalty and VIP programs explained

Online casinos compete intensely to gain new players but more importantly, retain existing ones. Different loyalty programs and VIP schemes have emerged to reward loyal customers. Almost every online casino has some form of loyalty program in place. These reward schemes relate to a points system. Players earn loyalty points each time they wager real money on games. Points are earned as a percentage of the amount bet. The more you wager, the more points you accumulate over time.

Loyalty points then be redeemed in the rewards store for bonus credits, free spins, merch, event tickets, electronics, and more. Some programs simply allow you to convert points directly into cash bonuses. VIP programs take loyalty perks to the next level with extra rewards like personal account managers, birthday gifts, and invitations to exclusive events.

Tiers and levels

Loyalty programs are tiered, meaning the more points you earn, the higher your VIP status. Common tiers include Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Prive. Higher tiers offer better redemption rates for points and more lucrative ongoing promotions and bonuses. The most coveted positions are invitation-only VIP tiers reserved for the biggest spenders. Benefits include higher bet limits, faster cashouts, personal casino hosts, luxurious gifts, trips abroad, and tickets to star-studded events. VIP members often receive bespoke bonuses and promotions not offered to regular players.

Earning points

Points are primarily earned by placing real money bets but also come from referring friends, depositing funds, and completing challenges. Slots usually contribute 100% of bet amounts towards points. Table games and video poker may only contribute 5-20% due to better odds. It motivates players to engage in lots of slot play. Points and comps are redeemable for bonus money, free play credits, spins, merchandise, comps, event entries, vacations, and electronics. Rates vary based on tier. For example, 100 points may convert to $1 in bonus credits for a Bronze player but $2 for a Diamond VIP. It creates an incentive to reach higher tiers.

VIP hosts

At the very top VIP levels, players are assigned personal casino hosts. These hosts or account managers provide personalized service and attend to all your needs. VIP hosts expedite withdrawals, award bonuses, discuss promotions, explain games, and more. Think of them as your concierge. After accumulating enough points to reach the VIP threshold, you may be contacted by the VIP department to discuss increasing your deposit limits, custom bonus offers, and luxury comps. VIP hosts work to understand your preferences and cater to the experience.

Online High 5 Casino Free Coins offer well-structured loyalty programs and VIP schemes to reward high-volume, high-stakes players. These programs give players incentive to play more. Occasional players may only reach the entry levels, but consistent gamblers unlock VIP status and leverage great perks. Loyalty programs allow you to accumulate points that are redeemed for lucrative rewards. Players also unlock new tiers with improved benefits. Top-tier VIP members get their personal account host along with lavish bonuses, gifts, and experiences.

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