Distinction Between IT Support and IT Solution?

Individuals today have an issue separating between IT support and an IT arrangement. The purpose behind this disarray is that the two administrations are client help situated. They give the client help, support and arrangements. The two administrations (IT Support and IT Solution) are fundamentally the same as from multiple points of view, yet there is a contrast between the two.

We will attempt to make a little separation between the two:

IT Support is likewise called Technical or Tech Support. This is a variety of administrations where IT Companies give help and support to its customers with their IT office and IT hardware (PCs, PCs, printers, web modems, Fax machines, and so on.)

At the point when an IT organization sells an item they typically offer full technical help for the item. More often than not, this administration is free, yet now and then clients pay an upkeep expense.

IT Support has four central matters:

1. Taking care of a particular issue with an item (managing the issue)

2. Giving preparing (web based preparing, or on location preparing)

3. Customization of the item (permitting client to redesign or do changes on the item)

4. Other support administrations (permitting client to apply for VIP administration, be the first on the rundown on the off chance that anything turns out badly with their item)

There are three sorts of IT Support:

1. Time and Material Support – this sort of support is ordinarily utilized in the IT business. The idea of this support is that clients pay for the material (broken or harmed parts) and time spent dealing with the item (technicians working time). This sort of administration is done on the IT organization premises.

2. Square Hours – this kind of support is the place client buy a square of hours forthright to pay a diminished hourly rate. The organization and client arrange a rebate rate and fixed number of hours to use for every month, or year. This sort of administration is done through the telephone or client support of the organization. Where a client talks legitimately to the technician on the telephone. Square Hours administration is generally utilized by clients like Hotels and Restaurants.

3. On location and day in and day out support – this sort of administration is given to clients by all around characterized IT organizations. It’s an extraordinary help however can be pricy. This administration incorporates two sections: On-Call technician, that can come On-Site to assess and fix your item; and all day, every day Call administration, where you can break through to the technician whenever on the telephone. Only one out of every odd IT organization can give day in and day out phone, on the web and On-Site support.

IT Solution is otherwise called Problem Solving.

This is where IT organization can discover an answer for the client issue.

There is a three section determination:

1. Issue Finding (Find genuine issue)

2. Issue Shaping (Work on the issue and finishing it)

3. Critical thinking (Find the arrangement and fix the issue

At the point when the IT organization manages and fixes the issue, it gives a famous answer or answers for the client, so the issue can be tackled.

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