A Handy Checklist to Refer to When Working with Technical SEO

MediaOne enlists the essential steps you must always take when working with technical SEO

  1. Always mention a preferred domain to avoid confusion for the search engines
  2. Always optimize your URL structure
  3. Always revise your website and navigation structure
  4. Always add breadcrumb menus to your pages and posts
  5. Always add schema markup for the breadcrumbs
  6. Always add structured data to your posts
  7. Always add structured data to the other pages on the basis of their types
  8. Keep an eye on your canonical URLs
  9. Always optimize your 404 page
  10. Always optimize and submit your XML sitemap to search engines like Google and Bing
  11. Never forget to enable HTTPS
  12. Keep an eye on your loading speed and always take steps to improve it every now and then
  13. Check how mobile friendly your website is
  14. Consider using AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages
  15. Keep an eye on your pagination and multilingual settings
  16. Don’t forget to register your website with Google Search Console Register
  17. Don’t forget to register your website with Bing Webmaster tools

Technical SEO entails a number of steps and settings for optimizing to help Google and search engines crawl and index your website with zero hassles. As the name implies, you may need to have some technical knowledge to get it done right. And if this is not your forte, always hire the best SEO Singapore agencies to get every aspect of SEO handled and to make your website reach its full potential.

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